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Re[2]: Percussion, drums anyone?

>> Sounds like you are looping acoustically, which is what I do. How do you
>> handle live situations, in particular how do you avoid signals from
>> feeding back into a loop from a monitor?

>I'm trying other things: I've tried using a single wireless mic that I 
>I've tried noise-gates on my mics.  For any given song, I can adjust the 
>threshold for proper operation; however, the next song needs different 
>settings.  Consequently, I don't use noise-gates in performance.  I've 
>about building an elaborate system that would "intelligently" listen to 
>background level and automatically adjust the noise-gate thresholds.  I 
>adding switches to the mics (using that Switchcraft XLR  connector with 
>in-line switch) and it's just another action that gets in the way of 
>music. For some compositions I pad down (on the mixer) the mics I'm not 
>That is, as I construct loops, I unpad the particular mic I'm going to 

>I'm not satified with any of my solutions.  What do you do?  Any 

For acoustic applications, In-Ear-Monitor systems like the ones available 
Garwood, using earmolds, eliminate any form of ambient monitoring on 
eliminating feedback problems. It's also a way to get a great stereo mix 
you can truly enjoy, which enhances your performance. 

Electric types often like to leave one earphone out to listen to the 
ambient mix
and also like to hear some real cabinets for more thump... Experiment and 
what works for you. Guitarists might find it hard to give up a frothing 4 
x 12 
cabinet kicking them in the ass!

I've only dabbled with the concept and don't have the cash ~500 - 1000 
on what level of integration (wireless vs. hard wired; generic earmolds 
audiologist custom molds etc.) I've seen them in use by many top pros and 
know a
few people who use them personally... They say it's changed their life 
musically. (for the better... 8->)

Garwood is at                     http://www.garwood-radio.com/home.shtml
HEARNET is at                     http://www.hearnet.com/
HEARNET monitor resources is at   

Maybe you'll find something in your price range... I'm convinced it's the 
way to
go... Now to find the cash!