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Monitoring on stage, per Miko B.

Mike Biffle wrote:

> Guitarists might find it hard to give up a frothing 4 x 12
> cabinet kicking them in the ass!

 Hey Miko, i'm one of those guitarists. my group (blatant name drop: we're 
Pseudo Buddha) is trying to run all 8-10 mics/lines direct to the board.
i'm having a problem finding the right tone for the gtr. i run all of my 
fx thru
the effect loops on my preamp.
    1) i've tried using the xlr out on the preamp itself; this is not 
usable at
all. tinny & gross,
    2) i've tried using the 1/4" preamp out thru an ADA microcab; it seems 
that the
last preamp stage is VERY noisy,
    3) right now, i'm using the output from the final effect in my chain & 
that to the input of the microcab; this is nice & quiet, i get enough 
signal into
the board, but my top end is kinda thin,
    4) i'm gonna order a cabtone this week to do an A/B test vs the 

i'm open to any & all suggestions!