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RE: band names

There used to be a band that played fraternity parties and such in the
Charlotte, NC area, called "Doug Clark and His Hot Nuts".  It was an Otis
Day & the Knights kind of band, very tight.

Where, you might ask, did the Hot Nuts come in?  After the first break,
which was usually after 10pm, they'd all come out with only furry jock
straps on, and finish the show.  :)

Stephen Goodman  -  It's... The Loop Of The Week!
EarthLight Studios  -  http://www.earthlight.net/Studios

PS - Sherman Block is unqualified for the LOTW because of his political
life, to say nothing of having been in charge of the only other police 
than the old LA Metropolitan Police, and of course Chicago's, to have such
an awful reputation for beating people for non-legal purposes.