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Re: Sound Cards - an Inquiry [off topic]

>On Fri, 13 Nov 1998, Stephen P. Goodman wrote:
>> Here's a question for you PC folks out there who are recording into 
>> PCs.  Which sound cards do you love?  Which do you loathe?  I am more
>> interested in PCI and further cards than ISA, considering ISA's 
>> retirement in 2000.  I've no desire to get into anything over $200, as 
>on a
>> PC level it's chicanery to charge more than that at this stage, unless 
>> attaches to proprietary hardware, like an Otari or something.  Which, 
>> is out of my desired area of sophistication.  I'm not sure this has to 
>be a
>> MIDI card, either, though that would seem to be the onboard feature of 
>> sound cards these days.
>       I'm in the process of trying to pick a soundcard as well
>and don't really know where to start, so if any of you are going
>to ring in on this, feel free to do so publicly.  I noticed that
>a lot of the low-mid range cards seem to go in the $400-600 range.
>If I could get away w/ less I'd love to.  One person suggested
>to me the Soundblaster "Live" card (around $200).  I'd love to
>have access to an outboard mixer, though so as to keep it as
>close to my old 4-track roots, though I suspect you run into
>money there.
>                                       -nick

I have a Lucid PCI24 that I got from Bayview pro Audio. It works very
nicely and does sample rate conversion quite well. It even will read my
Sony TCD3 DAT machine at 32khz long play and convert to 44.1! FYI I use it
with a PowerMac 7200/90  although it will run on a PC as well. Anything
with a PCI bus. I use Deck II and Soundedit.


Edwin Hurwitz
Boulder CO