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Re: help finding a Peavey PC1600X

Last time I was at Emu, they were blowing out the LaunchPad at $199 (i
think...?).  Check the "Factory Store" at their website...

Jim Lanpheer

Simon wrote:
> >Don't know the Kenton Electronics One.
> Check it at...
> http://www.kenton.co.uk/
> >I thought that the Launchpad was
> >meant to be a companion to the EMU Dance synths and not a general 
> >MIDI controller.
> I think that the LaunchPad was originally intended as a controller for 
> Emu Orbit sound module, but all controls on the LaunchPad are assignable,
> I'm using the LaunchPad with an Emu E6400 sampler. It can be used with
> other MIDI gear as well, as most (if not all) sliders and buttons on the
> LaunchPad can be assigned to whatever MIDI controller numbers you desire.
> - 4 assignable sliders, plus assignable expression pedal input.
> - Pitch wheel and Modulation (assignable) slider.
> - One octave velocity sensitive 'drum pad' keyboard (+5 ocatave, -4 
> transposition range).
> - Assignable trigger/transport control buttons.
> - MIDI clock output.
> - MIDI machine control.
> - MIDI merge the MIDI input with LauchPad MIDI data.
> + more.
> Simon
> Canberra