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simple looper recommendation?

Hi all,

I'm looking for a new looper.  I've been using a Sony D-7 delay, which has
lots of cool and weird multitap effects, but only 2.6 seconds of delay time
and a lot of hum.

I've checked out a DOD Dimension 12.  It has 12 seconds of delay time.  The
sampler features are kinda useless, as pointed out on this list - you can't
overdub.  It might be useful as a way to capture and trigger loops made
with other gizmos.  In delay mode it's usable for looping.  The tap tempo
feature is nice.  But a 100%-regen loop has a way of gradually losing all
of its high end, which really bothers me (is this an inherent flaw in many
designs?  The Sony doesn't seem to have this limitation.  Maybe a cheap
feedback implementation is done in the analog realm and a good one is done
digitally.  Or perhaps the DOD's regen knob only goes up to 0.997 and all
those multiplications gradually remove the high frequencies, I dunno.)

The EDP looks nice but is more than I want to spend.  A JamMan looks like
it would do the job, but prices on used ones seem to have gone through the

I'd be happy with 20 seconds of delay time with good fidelity, ideally with
MIDI control over the delay time and feedback.  The ability to have
multiple loops is not a big deal, though maybe I'd grow to like it.

I plan to check out Ken Mistove's Max-based thang (sounds great!), but at
the moment I'm focused on finding something to carry around with me (and
not a PowerBook).

I'd appreciate any pointers.



Doug Wyatt                             doug@sonosphere.com
Sonosphere (electric/improv music)     http://www.sonosphere.com/