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Re: bay area folks -> party

And I up and left Berkeley in 1981...

I don't suppose that there will be a loopers party in the Halifax area
anytime soon.

Oh, well...

At 05:49 PM 11/16/98 -0800, you wrote:
>Hey, SF Bay Area loopfolks,
>I'm having a big party Sat, Nov 21. If any of you want to come, let me 
>privately and I'll get you details.
>Live looping and generally getting looped will be encouraged, naturally.
>Should be fun....

Howard Harawitz      howard@brooknorth.com              
Brooklyn North Software Works Inc.
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada 
Telephone: 1-902-423-0257
Check the Halifax Harbor Cam: http://www.brooknorth.com/camsite/