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Re: Dual EDP config.

Chris Chovit wrote:
> dennis@mdbs.com wrote:
> The Shadow switch selects which EDP is controlled.  BTW, I chose
> >Shadow switches because they have a nifty, highly visible neon-colored
> >indicator that shows
> >which position they're in WITHOUT NEEDING POWER.
>  Nice!!  Where could I get some of these?  I've been using a separate A/B
> box, but your setup sounds slick!  I assume that they switch BOTH
> conductors, as opposed to just one (with a common ground)?.....

I mispelled the name, actually.  They're called "Schadow" switch and 
manufactured by ITT Cannon.  I bought them through GC Electronics.  In the 
Electronics catalog number GC-00CG-6567 they're listed under catalog 
number 35-490 and 
are called "Power Pushbutton Switch".  They're a little pricey, around $20.

I suppose you could set them up to switch both conductors.  They're DPDT.  
I don't 
know why you would need to switch both conductors.  I switch only one and 
have never 
had any problems.

> What do you suppose I could use to switch between more than two 

A good question...

- Dennis Leas