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Dual EDP config.

It was interesting that so many of you use two echoplexes 
(echoplicis - can we get an official verdict on this) to
perform asyncronous loopage.

What I would like to know now is how you achieve this - hardwarewise.
Do you just run of two AUX sends on a mixer ?
Do you use two separate foot controllers?
Is there an easy way to sync/desync two pair for stereo/asynchronous

At the danger of becoming gearheaded, I would be interested in seeing
schematics of looper rigs, especially live setups.

Jim Carter (so many questions, so little money)

ps I agree that its near impossible to work the EDP footcontroller
with footware but can anyone really recommend walking on a pub floor
with bare feet? let alone a pub toilet floor? 
You people must play much classier venues than I ever have.