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RE: Torn Videos


I saw the videos on the shelves of the Rose-Morris shop in Denmark St., 
London, not too long ago. I haven't got
their phone number handy, but I think they're owned by the Arbiter Group, 
who are on 0181 207 5050. They 
ought to be able to 'furnish' you with the number.
Any hassle let me know and I'll have the number by tomorrow.

good luck

-----Original Message-----
From:   Jim Carter [SMTP:Jim.Carter@bristol.ac.uk]
Sent:   12 November 1998 13:25
To:     list server loopers delight
Subject:        Torn Videos

Little to no loop content, sorry

I recently received a catologue from a UK company selling guitar
tuition videos, including David Torn - Painting with Guitar 1 & 2.
Naturally I ordered these straight away only to be told that they
are discontinued and otherwise unavailable.

Does anyone know where (preferably Europe) I can get copies?
Perhaps if Mr Torn reads this he might know or at very least 
come round my house and give me a couple of lessons.

I need these videos like Homer Simpson needs dougnuts, hmmmmm videos.

Jim Carter