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newbie with a plex ?

Although I've had my Echoplex for almost a year, I've
yet to buy a foot controller. I've been getting by with
a couple of sustain pedals. I have an X-15 controller,
but only one of its switches can be programmed to act
as a momentary switch. I don't like the feel of the 
switches for looping purposes anyway. I'm hesitant to
buy the Oberheim controller since it is single purpose
and I would like more bang for my buck. So here's my
question: Has anyone tried the Roland PK-5 pedalboard
with the Echoplex? Based on what little I've read, it
seems ideal. Thirteen momentary switches sending midi
note on & off messages, and since it's midi, I could
use it with my GR-1 or Yamaha keyboard. I could not
find anything on this in the archives & I'm a new
subscriber, so I hope this is something that hasn't
been covered ad nauseum.
        Greetings from Newnan, Georgia! The pit-stop for
FDR & Jimmy Carter.

John Tidwell

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