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Re: newbie with a plex ?

hi, I guess this is a little old, but I've been a bit out of touch 

At 1:53 AM -0800 11/18/98, John Tidwell wrote:
>Although I've had my Echoplex for almost a year, I've
>yet to buy a foot controller. I've been getting by with
>a couple of sustain pedals. I have an X-15 controller,
>but only one of its switches can be programmed to act
>as a momentary switch. I don't like the feel of the
>switches for looping purposes anyway. I'm hesitant to
>buy the Oberheim controller since it is single purpose
>and I would like more bang for my buck. So here's my
>question: Has anyone tried the Roland PK-5 pedalboard
>with the Echoplex? Based on what little I've read, it
>seems ideal. Thirteen momentary switches sending midi
>note on & off messages, and since it's midi, I could
>use it with my GR-1 or Yamaha keyboard. I could not
>find anything on this in the archives & I'm a new
>subscriber, so I hope this is something that hasn't
>been covered ad nauseum.

I've never actually seen one of these pedals, but from the specs it sounds
like it would work. There is a review on harmony-central you might want to
check out:


the reviewer complains about it being hard to figure out and program, but
he generally likes using it. My guess is that the pedals would have a
pretty good feel to them, since it's more of a bass pedal aimed at organ
players (at least that's what I gathered...).

some other pedals to look at are the digitech PMC-10, Rocktron AllAccess,
and Roland FC-200. Personally, I like the PMC-10, since it is very
versatile and you can generally find them used pretty cheap. These are
mentioned in the echoplex faq on the website, as are the details of what
features a midi pedal needs to control the echoplex well.


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