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roland dr. sample

Has anyone used the Dr. Sample by roland?  I'm
interested but am wary after being duped by roland before with the GR1.

---Howard Harawitz <howard@brooknorth.com> wrote:
> Roland has a DJ sampler too. In fact there are several of these
things on
> the market by Alesis, Yamaha and others.
> Does anyone on the list have any comments about using these things
and how
> they compare to delay devices like the EDP for looping?
> At 02:11 AM 11/8/98 EST, you wrote:
> >From the most recent Sweetwater "InSync" online newsletter:
> ><<New in stock at Sweetwater Sound: The ultimate new DJ tool, the
> >has arrived. It's a MiniDisc-based platform with sampling trigger
banks and
> >all sorts of instant looping and scratching features, including the
> >obligatory big rubber scratch wheel. Speed and pitch can be adjusted
> >independent of one another or together via a very simple dual slider
> >mechanism. The neat thing is that with their ATRAC compression
> >it's easy to record any performance you do right back to a MiniDisc
and have
> >it ready to play instantly - all in real time. An experienced DJ
> >really work some magic with this thing. Retail price $1200.>>
> >So, I wonder if it can be controlled with a foot switch?
> >dpc
> >
> >
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