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Re: Mac cd burning question (off topic, sorry)

hi olivier -
i have had that exact problem. some things to try:

    1) if your internal cd-rom is scsi, try making a scsi image copy
w/toast (mine is eide, so i can't do this...)

    2) try altering the pause in toast by clicking on the pause &
changing the "2" to a "0". if you get an alert box explaining that you
can't do this, leave the 2 second pause before the first track alone &
try changing all the others. (i use a panasonic 7502 & this doesn't work
on it, but perhaps it will on yours.)

    3) you may just have to deal with the hassle of using toast

i know that there are a folks on this list who are smarter than me about
this sort of  thing (perhaps travis h.), so maybe the right answer will
appear. good luck,