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Re: Roland Dr. Sample/Filters

Dan Bartell wrote:
> Something that I've found that is absolutely amazing for filtering is
> the Waldorf 4-pole.  It's small, easy to use, and you can filter ANY
> audio signal that you patch into it via a 1/4" jack.  I use it on my
> tablas before I run them through the echoplex.  Check it out at:
> http://www.waldorf-gmbh.de/4pole/4pole.html

So, you said the magic word, "tablas".  You got my interest.  I looked 
at the website but don't have a good idea as to how the Waldorf 4-pole 
makes things sound.  Can you give more detail?  Can you point me to some 
sound files?  Thanks!

- Dennis Leas