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Re[2]: Roland Dr. Sample/Filters

Dan Bartell wrote:
>> Something that I've found that is absolutely amazing for filtering is
>> the Waldorf 4-pole.  It's small, easy to use, and you can filter ANY
>> audio signal that you patch into it via a 1/4" jack.  I use it on my
>> tablas before I run them through the echoplex.  Check it out at:
>> http://www.waldorf-gmbh.de/4pole/4pole.html

>So, you said the magic word, "tablas".  You got my interest.  I looked 
>at the website but don't have a good idea as to how the Waldorf 4-pole 
>makes things sound.  Can you give more detail?  Can you point me to some 
>sound files?  Thanks!
- Dennis Leas

Generally, a filter is a form of equalization. A wha-wha pedal is a simple 
example of sweeping a filter. 

Resonant filters amplify the signal around the cutoff frequency, 
that particular relatively narrow frequency range.

Auto-filters or "triggered wha's" do this sort of sweeping automatically 
usually on the input envelope of the instrument. At the most full featured 
of the spectrum are midi controlled filters with ADSR control, envelope 
control, LFO control w/various waveforms etc. Lot's of options! The trend 
been towards analog filters which sound very fat. It's also useful to 
the input of these filters for even more supposed "fatness".

Some of the more full featured filters are the Sherman Filterbank, the 
(something or other which is quite reasonable and rackmount), The 
Mutator, Waldorf 4-pole (tabletop) and X-pole (2sp rackmount stereo pair) 
and if
you're interested in a cool sound module w/resonant filters which allow 
input as well, there's the Waldorf Pulse Plus ... Awesome analog bass 
sounds as 
well as wild event types of sounds and fx. The there's the Waldorf 
Microwave XT 
which is a full-on polyphonic synth with even more capable filters as well 
audio input... Whew.

I have a Waldorf 4-pole filter and like the previous poster, I'm in love 
it. I'm barely utilizing it's full capabilities, but still far exceeding 
abilities of the very best stomp box auto-filters... (which do sound quite 
... Lovetone Meatball, EH Q-Tron, Guyatone Wah Rocker)

Oh yeah ... at least my 4-pole and all the other Waldorf filters at higher 
resonance settings will self oscillate allowing all sorts of spacey sounds.

You CAN loop these babies, or place them after the loop for mutating that 
well as drumboxes etc.

Ay! yi! yi!
Filter madness!!!