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Re: Re[2]: Roland Dr. Sample/Filters

At 11:56 19.11.98 -0800, you wrote:
>Dan Bartell wrote:
>>> Something that I've found that is absolutely amazing for filtering is
>>> the Waldorf 4-pole.  It's small, easy to use, and you can filter ANY
>>> audio signal that you patch into it via a 1/4" jack.  I use it on my
>>> tablas before I run them through the echoplex.  Check it out at:
>>> http://www.waldorf-gmbh.de/4pole/4pole.html
>>So, you said the magic word, "tablas".  You got my interest.  I looked 
>>at the website but don't have a good idea as to how the Waldorf 4-pole 
>>makes things sound.  Can you give more detail?  Can you point me to some 
>>sound files?  Thanks!
>- Dennis Leas
>Generally, a filter is a form of equalization. A wha-wha pedal is a 
>example of sweeping a filter. 
>Resonant filters amplify the signal around the cutoff frequency,
>that particular relatively narrow frequency range.
>Auto-filters or "triggered wha's" do this sort of sweeping automatically
>usually on the input envelope of the instrument. At the most full featured
>of the spectrum are midi controlled filters with ADSR control, envelope
>control, LFO control w/various waveforms etc. Lot's of options! The trend
>been towards analog filters which sound very fat. It's also useful to
>the input of these filters for even more supposed "fatness".
>Some of the more full featured filters are the Sherman Filterbank, the 
>(something or other which is quite reasonable and rackmount), The 
>Mutator, Waldorf 4-pole (tabletop) and X-pole (2sp rackmount stereo pair)
and if
>you're interested in a cool sound module w/resonant filters which allow
>input as well, there's the Waldorf Pulse Plus ... Awesome analog bass
sounds as 
>well as wild event types of sounds and fx. The there's the Waldorf
Microwave XT 
>which is a full-on polyphonic synth with even more capable filters as well
>audio input... Whew.
>I have a Waldorf 4-pole filter and like the previous poster, I'm in love
>it. I'm barely utilizing it's full capabilities, but still far exceeding 
>abilities of the very best stomp box auto-filters... (which do sound quite
>... Lovetone Meatball, EH Q-Tron, Guyatone Wah Rocker)
>Oh yeah ... at least my 4-pole and all the other Waldorf filters at 
>resonance settings will self oscillate allowing all sorts of spacey 
>You CAN loop these babies, or place them after the loop for mutating that 
>well as drumboxes etc.
>Ay! yi! yi!
>Filter madness!!!
i heard a lot about the 4-pole, but havn't had the chance to test it yet. i
talked to some guy at a music store and he told me, that filters, including
the 4-pole, arn't any good for bass-sound cause you wouldn't hear a lot of
differences at low frequencies. is that right ( i kinda don't believe this
if that's true, would there be any possipility to use filters with my bass,
for example split the bass signal, go through a pithch shifter into the
4-pole, then mix both signals and go into the amp... would that make any
i just want to have a clean signal mixed with the filtered signal cause i
think that the low bass sound is an essential part for the groove of the
(/my?) kind of music i make.

who else uses a waldorf 4-pole besides miko and dan? could you tell us your
experiences with it?