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Some looping related stuff

    Hello "out there" in Loop Land,
                    Just picked up the new Massacre cd ( Tzadik), with 
Fred Frith,
Bill Laswell, and Nick Heyward. I think it's great!! A little looping 
going on (I
think?). But excellent textural stuff!
    I'm having some problems with keeping my Parker Nitefly (with tremolo 
bar) in
tune. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
            Uncle Buzz Records (www.unclebuzz.com) has a new web site up! 
There are
still some "Crevice 2" cds available. Please contact Uncle Buzz for 
further info.
There are two future Crevice works due out (or in the immediate future). 
"Think of
Pleasant Things" cd, from live shows in Austin and San Antonio. And, 
"Little Albert's
Dream" lp (Lost Records, Dallas, Tx), which is more based on cutting up 
our own source
        I'm outta here for two weeks!  Happy Holidays! James