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Your DJRND2 questions

Hello Patrick,

Let me answer to your questions about my DJRND2 :


The 1mn 28 sec are an average recording time since it is not so easy to
express it exactly !

Due to my loop recording method, the recording time depends on the
sampling frequency of course, but also on the tempo in BPM since this
last parameter must be given before recording to reach to perfect beat

This is why I express the recording time in terms of colunns , 3840
colunns exactly for the total 14 stereo loops.

Now, I can give you the magic formula to convert it into seconds :

Total recording time (seconds) = 3840*rhythmic_coef/sampling_freq(Hz)

make rhythmic_coef = (60*sampling_freq(Hz))/(32*tempo(BPM))
  if rhythmic_coef > 1023 then divide by 2 until it is ok;
  if rhythmic_coef < 512  then multiply by 2 until it is ok;

For instance :

At Fs=32 kHz, 120 BPM (Tekno) gives 120 sec (rhythmic_coef=1000)
At Fs=32 kHz,  90 BPM (Rap)   gives  80 sec (rhythmic_coef=667)
At Fs=40 kHz, 120 BPM (Tekno) gives  60 sec (rhythmic_coef=625)
At Fs=40 kHz,  90 BPM (Rap)   gives  80 sec (rhythmic_coef=833)

As you can see in this typical example, upgrading the sampling frequency
from 32 to 40 kHz in a possible next version keeps the same recording
time for RAP music (1 mn 20 sec), but divides by 2 the Tekno recording
time (1 mn instead of 2).

In fact, it does not seem to be a problem at all when using the DJRND2
because you never matter the loop time since the number of measures
remains always predefined for each loop.

No problem I say except maybe for Dance music which tempo is similar to
Tekno but with some lirics on, so these poor lirics will be cut in 2 !

Anyway, it remains a good fun !


It is a 16 Mbyte Dynamic RAM memory, 72 pin SIMM package, EDO or PGM.

But you do not need to mind about it, since it is already in the device.

There is no way for saving loops, since they are made from pre-recorded
supports (LP's, CD's, tapes, radio), and you can still reloop them very
easily with the DJRND2 (It's more fun than keeping the loops !)

Nevertheless, you can still use the device as a looping catcher, and
record what you have just looped into a digital machine (PC, DAT, MD
...). As loops are recorded on live with a correct level, you won't lose
much about the noise ratio once printed on a digital support, even using
an analog link (cinch). You just have to notice the tempo of your loops
to chop them again on your PC software for instance.

Keep on mind that the DJRND2 has been designed to be used on live first.


No, not for the moment, because if I upgrade it to 32 Megabyte right now
for instance, I have 2 choices :

- have 28 stereo loops instead of 14, which is maybe for the moment not
necessary, and the DJRND2 core couldn't reach it with its little CPU, or

- have the 14 loops twice longer, and then let's take a cup of tea until
the loop has finished recording : too long indeed and maybe a bit boring
and harder to manage.

DJRND2 has been made to be fun to use !

4) 1/4" INPUTS ?

Excuse me, but I do not understand what you mean about it.
I suppose it's about connections, and if so, the DJRND2 one's are cinch
connectors (for the moment)


Yes ! with pleasure !
But how can we proceed now ?

I suppose you are not living in Europe, and probably in USA ?
If so, I think it will be hard for us to meet.

So, I won't be able to come and see you for a demonstration, unless I
book a flight, and I am not very reach for the moment !

But I still can lend you a prototype if you want.
For the moment, I have some waiting at home, so it's always possible.

But once all of my prototypes will be lent, I will have to build some
new ones, and of course this way has its limits : money !

So, what I can do is sending to you a prototype if you want so you could
keep it during a certain time to use it, meanwhile I keep on finding
other users.

But once all of my first present prototypes are lent, I will ask the
first people to buy them or to give them back.

To have some prototypes manufactured in FRANCE by tiny batches, I demand
the equivalent of 6000 Francs ( about 1070 Dollars, 1 Dollar = 5.60
Francs ) (+ sending cost ?)


- the DJRND2 hasn't got any MIDI link, since it is a total automotive
audio looping process. It works just like a player in terms of beat
(BPM) and angular position. (The BACK/FORW keys could be compared with
LP's scratching philosophicaly spoken, the effects being quite

- there is no footswitch, so you can hardly use it yourself as an
instrumentalist. Meaning that you will need somebody else to loop your
guitar performances.

- looping live CD's and LP's, this is exactly what the DJRND2 has been
designed for !


Voila !

Thank you for your interest

Looking forward to hearing again from you soon.

Best regards

Emmanuel PERILLE
Villemomble (near Paris)