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Re: roland dr. sample

For the GR1, I've found it to be very limited.  I just can't seem to
get it to sound fat.  I also have had problems with it's consistency
in live applications.  It's MIDI controll is inadaquate to drive
anything else.  As far as I can tell, they also never offered any
memory cards with any new sounds.  Did they?  Wana buy mine? CHEAP 

---Rik Myers <zanga@mindspring.com> wrote:
> >Has anyone used the Dr. Sample by roland?  I'm
> >interested but am wary after being duped by roland before with the
> Hey Dan, what do mean about being duped with the GR1? Just
curious...I have
> one, like it, play it alot (mostly synth pads) in conjunction with
the VG-8.
> Hasta -> Rik

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