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Re: roland dr. sample

Hi Dan

>For the GR1, I've found it to be very limited.  I just can't seem to
>get it to sound fat.  I also have had problems with it's consistency
>in live applications.  It's MIDI controll is inadaquate to drive
>anything else.  As far as I can tell, they also never offered any
>memory cards with any new sounds.  Did they?  Wana buy mine? CHEAP 

Hmm, well, I dunno about cards for the GR-1. I guess I learned to work
around the limitations (aren't they ALWAYS there?). No probs live.

RE: cholesterol. I fatten all my digital stuff with tube preamps. Lately,
I've  been mighty fond of a Groove Tubes STPG-1 I picked up used. It let's
me abuse a real power amp section with EL34s and tranny and all and then
squirt out a line level signal to feed the board. When I mix the GR-1
signal, VG-8 signal, and raw guitar signal down and squirt it through a
dimed STPG-1 we get some pretty corpulescent action happening. But hey,
it's a matter of taste!

Mssr Coffin: I'll try to get some tunes to you soonly. I got married 12
hours ago and am taking a brief break from the festivities. After the dust
settles I'll get some material together. Love to improvise via email if you
wish. Wav or whatever.

Hasta -> Rico