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Re: Any Video Loopers?

Do you accompany your live music with prepared video looping or can you do
live video looping with the audio content coming off the tape? (ie; how
much overlap is there between siys and pupaum?) What type(s) of interface
do you use? How do you mix your inputs or introduce changes to your video
loops? Is the source material "found" or are you using cameras (or some
combination)? Is there a variety of commercially-available signal
processing hard/software that's useful for this sort of application, or did
you have to make/modify your stuff?

I kind of get the feeling that this may be straying off-topic, but I
certainly see it as analogous to this list, and it's certainly
intriguing... Great website, too.


At 03:49 AM 3/8/99 EST, you wrote:
>I introduced myself a few weeks ago as a new member to Loopers Delight, 
>inquired if anyone had done any looping with reel-to-reel video. I
received no
>replies, so I thought I would ask once more! ANYONE WORKED WITH VIDEO 
>I have done extensive work in both video and audio using various looping
>techniques, and welcome all inquiries and exchanges of experiences.
>sTeVo iN yR sTuDiO - visual arts, including video looping & feedback
>Pupaum - audio art and music, including analog & digital looping
>You may view my computer art at:
><A HREF="http://www.angelfire.com/il/StevoInYrStudio/index.html">sTeVo iN