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Re: Any Video Loopers?

>Do you accompany your live music with prepared video looping or can you do
>live video looping with the audio content coming off the tape? (ie; how
>much overlap is there between siys and pupaum?) What type(s) of interface
>do you use? How do you mix your inputs or introduce changes to your video
>loops? Is the source material "found" or are you using cameras (or some
>combination)? Is there a variety of commercially-available signal
>processing hard/software that's useful for this sort of application, or 
>you have to make/modify your stuff?
>I kind of get the feeling that this may be straying off-topic, but I
>certainly see it as analogous to this list, and it's certainly
>intriguing... Great website, too.

In this vein, ten years ago when I did Feedback Music performances I hooked
up an oscilloscope to my L&R outputs to get Lissajou (sp?, sorry) patterns
which my video buddy trained his camera on.  He colorized, etc., and
displayed that output on a small monitor which had a second camera on it.
The video feedback loops were pretty cool and looked great when we
projected them in accompaniment to the live Feedback Music and ITS loops.

That said, I'm sure there must be computer software nowadays which creates
nifty realtime video output from audio sources.  Anyone know of any,
especially Mac freeware or shareware?  One of these days I'd like to
perform again, and twisting knobs (or moving a mouse) sure doesn't make for
an enthralling show....

David Myers