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RE: Morgan's "things" vs. programs

Dear Morgan, (as per your message at the bottom)

I believe the key to the "technical feasibility" you have inquired
about is "compatibility" between users, contributors and their
systems, referring to both software and the power of their hardware.

All of the "players" will have to run the same program, such as
Cubase VST/24, or latest version 4.0 for Mac or 3.6b for PC
users, 4.0 for PC users soon to be released during this summer
which incorporates "drag and drop" feature among many other
improvements such as practically unlimited tracks of Audio
and MIDI, or as much as your hard drive can handle and
64 channels of Digital Audio Playback, 96 channels of
DAP for VST/24.

For more info, check out: www.us.steinberg.net
or in Europe: www.steinberg.net

Once the time has been set to meet online, all the players would
link into the "host" room, like a chat room except you are logging
on directly into his Cubase VST program with option to send
text messages as well as your .WAV loops that you have just created,
as the session is occuring.

Demo at NAMM even had visual link-up between players !

Each loop(s) will appear spontaneously in real time as the players
compose and submit their loops to the host.
The host's Cubase VST program will then receive the loops
and adapt it to the current BPM and Key of the evolving song.
The host (in this case, the master mixer) will treat the loops,
multiplying them, applying effects and mastering effects.

I suppose if the session is to be mastered and printed for
sale/promotion, the participating players would have a "copyright"
and "royalty distribution" already worked out but that tecnical
aspect of the process was probably not even on the player's minds
as they seemed to be having so much fun just creating with their
buddies from all around the world.

So much technology coming our way, I'm getting dizzy !
(now if I could just win the Lottery, 2, 34, 6, 19, 44, 22.....)

Steve (Curbie)


-----Original Message-----
From:   Morgan Lang [SMTP:mhl21@columbia.edu]
Sent:   Friday, March 05, 1999 12:04 PM
To:     stevehan@transworld-lax.com
Subject:        Re: "things" vs. programs

Hi Steve:

Thanks for your great answer. I'm getting lots of good replies from smart
people who take the time to think about this stuff. I'm curious about the
scenario you proposed in your message, excerpted below. Is there any useful
information out there regarding the technical feasibility of such future 



> Talking about Looping with Computers, we will now be able to
> compose music with our buddies in other cities and countries
> using the internet, like joining in in a chat room except you
> are contributing your own loops into the song which would
> be developing right in front your eyes, in real time.
> For example, I would create a drum loop and send it to
> the progressing mix, then my buddy in London would compose
> a guitar loop and send it on, then another Loop from Japan,
> and so forth, mostlikely in wav files.  And then a Master Mixer
> would manipulate it all for a final mix down.