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Re: Devices versus computers for live looping

Dear Matt,

        Yes, you are quite correct, the early sequencers that were created 
by both
Peter Bauman and Edgar Froese were computers, just as a digital watch, or 
an analogue calculator is a computer (we won't mention that the 
themselves are computers, too) in that sense.  
        Now, I will be the first one to agree with you in "click and drag" 
being a wonderful thing, especially since it brings more to bear when 
to create something new, and also for recreating a particuliar phrase or
passage by a different instrument.
        As to the original point of this post, placing all of one's eggs 
in the same
basket can get you into troubles when it goes down on you during a gig.
Another issue is that so much of a computer's resources are going to be in
just running the OS, let alone any of the software/hardware within the 

        Going with separate boxes has always ended up being the better way 
for me
personally, as it leaves more options open should something go wrong.  
is also that fact that a separate effect unit usually has more control 
over a
particuliar effect than with a system that has quite a number of different
effects in them. 

        All in all, the most important part is to have fun!