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>I saw Ms. Oliveros play last fall.  She played a Just-Tuned
>Accordian w/ a pair of PCM-42 delays, a single piece
>about an hour long.  Totally amazing, I'll never think
>of an accordian in the same way again.  

The Pauline Oliveros foundation & The Deep Listening Space are located
nearby in Kingston, NY. I've had the opportunity to play there as well as
see the EIS in action a couple of times - pretty wild - I don't know the
exact specs but I believe it's several PCM42's controlled by a Max
interface. Pauline & David Gamper (afaik  - the main tech guy behind EIS) 
are both wonderful & performers & people and very generous with their
knowledge .

Check out http:// www.deeplistening.org for info