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Re: Any Video Loopers?

> That said, I'm sure there must be computer software nowadays which 
> nifty realtime video output from audio sources.  Anyone know of any,
> especially Mac freeware or shareware?  One of these days I'd like to
> perform again, and twisting knobs (or moving a mouse) sure doesn't make 
> an enthralling show....
> David Myers

I seem to remember a shareware screen saver for the mac that had some nifty
sound-to-vision parameters (although via mac's built in mike only i think)
sorry, cant remember the name of the thing... try shareware.com under mac 
saver.. the reason i don't have it anymore was an extremely viscious "send 
your shareware fee" message every 3 seconds or so (well i would if i could
actually see what was going on...)