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Re: sound-to-video generators

At 11:19 AM -0800 3/8/99, David Myers wrote:
>That said, I'm sure there must be computer software nowadays which creates
>nifty realtime video output from audio sources.  Anyone know of any,
>especially Mac freeware or shareware?  One of these days I'd like to
>perform again, and twisting knobs (or moving a mouse) sure doesn't make 
>an enthralling show....
>David Myers

Check out the freeware Bomb.  The freerunning version responds to audio
input in a very primitive way, but it is visually very interesting.  You
can program much more complicated responses to MIDI in the MAX version.


A much more complicated program similar to MAX but for video is IMAGINE.


Also you might stay intouch with the progress of UISoftware's MIDIKaleido.
It is under development and no one knows much about it, but they are the
people who developed MetaSynth and Bryce.



Stuart Fox
CalArts Guitar