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Cthugha program

After seeing the post about the Cthugha program I downloaded it, but
couldn't get it to work.  It showed a succession of still images that you
could sequence by hitting any key, but no response to sound from the CD ROM
drive or an external source.  I'm using the sound in and out on my Miro
video card and maybe the program doesn't recognize that.  Anybody know how 
might be able to get Cthugha to work with a Miro video card instead of a
Soundblaster card?
Another issue I've often wondered about is if there's any program that can
modify video being played from an external input into a video card?
Particularly cool would be sound activated color cycling.  I've done this
using an Amiga video toaster system in a rather complex configuration.
Anybody know if there's a program around that lets you use sound as a
modulation source for color cycling or otherwise modulating a video signal
being displayed with a video card in a PC?
Peter Spoecker
check out www.didgeridoings.com for didgeridoo music,
tutorial CD, free circular breathing primer, computer animation,
fractals and much more