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sound-to-video generators

The best sound-to-video program I've seen also happens to be freeware. It 
called Cthugha, is for both Macs and PCs, and can be downloaded from


Very interesting if you've ever wanted to know what your music "looks" 

A good location for all sorts of freeware sound/video progs is 


So far I have been disappointed by the Mandlebrot set/sound progs out 
Worth a try, though.



> That said, I'm sure there must be computer software nowadays which 
> nifty realtime video output from audio sources.  Anyone know of any,
> especially Mac freeware or shareware?  One of these days I'd like to
> perform again, and twisting knobs (or moving a mouse) sure doesn't make 
> an enthralling show....
> David Myers

I seem to remember a shareware screen saver for the mac that had some nifty
sound-to-vision parameters (although via mac's built in mike only i think)
sorry, cant remember the name of the thing... try shareware.com under mac 
saver.. the reason i don't have it anymore was an extremely viscious "send 
your shareware fee" message every 3 seconds or so (well i would if i could
actually see what was going on...)