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Loops & such...

Hi Tim,

Thanx for yr inquiry regarding video looping (Loopers-Delight-d Digest 
99 : Issue 91). Before I joined the Loopers Delight web group, I consulted
with Kim & Chris about the appropriateness of discussing video in a
predominantly audio environment. For me, the word "loop" immediately 
visions of looping video systems!!! Looping is looping whatever the 

I am very spontaneous and have employed a large variety of concepts and
techniques working with video and audio looping systems. I have not done 
video looping pieces since 1983 because I no longer have access to any 
to-reel video equipment. Being that I thoroughly explored the medium back 
it was current technology, I've been happy to move along and continue to
create with whatever is the latest technology has to offer! I have 
to explore video feedback, but have not explored any digital means for 

I have used all types of video, including looping pieces, during live
performances. Often I use prerecorded video during live music performances,
but have done many live video/audio looping performances & installations. 

The video loops, on occasion, have used prerecorded (& found footage) 
but are usually done with live cameras. The source of change comes from 
feedback, when the camera is zoomed within the frame of the video monitor
screen; and from performance, when the camera is zoomed beyond the frame of
the video monitor screen. (refer to my Loopers Delight Profile for an
explanation of the basic video system I used)

There is always overlap between siys & pupaum (siys=visual/pupaum=audio),
because much of my art is multimedia.

Glad to hear u enjoyed the art on my website!