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video loop effecting audio loop affecting video loop affecting audio loop...

Regarding David Myers' inquiry about "realtime video output from audio
sources" (Loopers-Delight-d Digest Volume 99 : Issue 91/Subject: Re: Any 
Loopers?), I thought you might be interested to hear about a couple of 
projects I did in the early 80's.

In early '81, I was living in Norman, Oklahoma collaborating with an ever
changing & expanding group of artists/musicians. We would change our name &
members for every improvisational music project we created. In late March I
was awarded a full scholarship to get a Masters degree at The Art 
Institute of
Chicago, & in April we began a month long marathon of projects before I 

One of these projects was "Monitor Control/Control Monitor". It consisted 
three musicians spontaneously performing while I video taped the 
I had developed this technique of spontaneously zooming & panning a video
camera based on what was happening musically. The musicians would be 
by the movement of the video camera displayed on a monitor before them, & I
would be influenced how to shoot the video based on the music performance. 
audio was recorded using a tape loop system. The end results were both
interesting & rewarding! We successfully created a 

Another project, done with two other artists at the Art Institute of 
in 1982, was "Night Emerges Day" (it was thusly titled, as we had spent all
night setting up the equipment, & finally were recording the piece as the 
was rising!). A real-time video art piece consisting of an audio & video 
using a custom modular EMU synthesizer & the Sandin Image Processor (IP),
mixed with Zgrass computer animation (Zgrass was the first computer 
hardware &
software designed specifically for art & animation). The EMU was sending
control voltage to the IP, affecting the oscillation of image & color, 
the IP was sending control voltage to the EMU, affecting the frequency of
pitch & filter. Again, the results were extremely interesting & rewarding! 
had successfully created a "live interactive technology loop"!!!

For me, "looping" exists in many forms!

Stevo Wolfson
sTeVo iN yR sTuDiO