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RE: EchoPlex

> What I am looking for specifically, is something w/ the
> memory/power of an EDP that does bi-directional looping (forward, 
> & forward/backward).

The Echoplex has a function that can cause the current loop to
reverse.  This function can be mapped to the 'insert' button
on the footpedal if you are someone who uses it alot.

I keep mine mapped to the insert button.  With multiple loops
activated, you can lay down a 'base' pattern, jump to the next
loop (copying that pattern as you move), reverse it, overdub a
pattern on top.....jump to the next pattern (w/ copy), reverse it...
the 'base' pattern is now back with the second pattern reversed.
You can reverse the entire loop at any time...as many times as
you like.  But you cannot have it move forward through the loop and
then backward through it, ad infinitem.
Fun stuff....

             -Mike McGary