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Re: EchoPlex

I just got a new Capybara 320 last night. (That's the
new hardware for Kyma, www.symbolicsound.com)  I wrote a
stereo looper with both fowards and backwards output.
The speed of the backwards output can be adjusted
in real time.  It only takes up 1/3 of one of the new
DSP chips (each w/ 24MB of sample/delay memory).  On
top of that, the new 24-bit converters sound wonderful.
Given that a new base system has 3 of these chips 
available, it seems to me to be a better deal than
trying to find multiple echoplexes, or expensive
boxes like a TC2290 or Eventide.


L. Stafford wrote:
> Maybe some of you EDP'ers can answer this for me:  Can the echoplex do
> backward/forwards looping, or is it forward only?  That would seem to be 
> fairly trivial thing to implement (at least in software, don't know if 
> hardware would support it.) and I would probably sell my first child to 
> one if it did. ;)  What I am looking for specifically, is something w/ 
> memory/power of an EDP that does bi-directional looping (forward, 
> & forward/backward).