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Re: EchoPlex

At 6:10 PM -0800 3/10/99, Jim Coker wrote:
>I just got a new Capybara 320 last night. (That's the
>new hardware for Kyma, www.symbolicsound.com)  I wrote a
>stereo looper with both fowards and backwards output.
>The speed of the backwards output can be adjusted
>in real time.  It only takes up 1/3 of one of the new
>DSP chips (each w/ 24MB of sample/delay memory).  On
>top of that, the new 24-bit converters sound wonderful.
>Given that a new base system has 3 of these chips
>available, it seems to me to be a better deal than
>trying to find multiple echoplexes, or expensive
>boxes like a TC2290 or Eventide.

So long as you're willing to spend a whole lot of time programming it
instead of playing it, sure! You could also get a copy of Visual C++ and
never need to buy any software again. Just write it all yourself! :-)


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