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Re: EchoPlex

Kim Flint wrote:
> So long as you're willing to spend a whole lot of time programming it
> instead of playing it, sure! You could also get a copy of Visual C++ and
> never need to buy any software again. Just write it all yourself! :-)

Get real Kim: One doesn't program 56000 assembler when using Kyma.
One constructs patches by hooking together pre-built algorithms and
typing in values or expressions for various parameters. I won't
say that it's trivial, but much easier than say, programming in Max
or Max MSP (due mostly to Max's absurd semantics), or using a
2 line lcd as most FX boxes do, or any of the usual low level
DSP options (CSound, C, C++, SuperCollider etc.).  

Some of the more choice of the many built in algorithms include:
DelayWithFeedback (delay time can be modulated,
up to 3 minutes of delay per DSP chip)
SpecralAnalysis (Real time FFT w/ pitch detection)
SumOfSines (oscillator bank for resynthesis or additive synthesis)
SampleCloud (real-time sample granulation)
KeyMappedMultiSample (Disk or Ram based Sampling)
Vocoder (25 bands per chip)

It's certainly not for everyone (I duly respect those who
would rather not include a computer in their rig), but for those
who are tired of being frustrated by the limitations in the equipement
they've been using, it offers a unique and powerful alternative.
It is also a pretty good cure for New Gear Syndrome.