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Re: EchoPlex

Base systems are now $3300, each has 4 ins and outs,
all w/ 24bit crystal converter chips that can run up
to 100Khz.  There are also 4 AES-EBU/SPDIF (switchable)
i/o channels.  You can add another 4 channels if you like.
I also noticed that the latency could be set at 3 ms
w/o affecting processing performance.  The system
I have now has 2 expansion cards with 2 DSP chips each,
for a total of 7 chips.


Marzzz@aol.com wrote:
> In a message dated 3/10/99 7:21:23 PM, jcoker@magelang.com writes:
> >I just got a new Capybara 320 last night. (That's the
> >new hardware for Kyma, www.symbolicsound.com)  I wrote a
> >stereo looper with both fowards and backwards output.
> >The speed of the backwards output can be adjusted
> >in real time.  It only takes up 1/3 of one of the new
> >DSP chips (each w/ 24MB of sample/delay memory).  On
> >top of that, the new 24-bit converters sound wonderful.
> >Given that a new base system has 3 of these chips
> >available, it seems to me to be a better deal than
> >trying to find multiple echoplexes, or expensive
> >boxes like a TC2290 or Eventide.
> I am turning an absolute vivid green from envy.......congrats! BTW- if 
>dt is
> reading the list, I would love to hear what he and some of our more
> adventuresome loopeople could do with a machine like that. What do they 
> now, something like $3300 for a basic setup? Is that what you have? Do 
> have multiple digital or analog outs now?
> Marshall