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Re: Loop subtraction + VST looper plugin?

Take a look at my previous post. 4 stereo loops and I only stopped at 4
because I was running out of MIDI switches. It would be easy to run 8 or
even 16 with a P2 with fades, panning, speed and direction control using
Audiomulch. Incidentally its for PC only.
The biggest drawback is that the loops aren't synchable, but there
again, you might like that!
Think of it as a poor man's Kyma.
I've been plugging in pitchshifters, ring mods and filters for days now
and its awesome, (still a beta though)
Incidentally can anyone write VST plugins on this list? I'm looking for
the ultimate looper plugin of course. The one I'm using is fine but I
just need a little more delay......


> Terry Riley invented something like that. It was essentially a multitrack
> tape looper. A San Francisco musician named Paul Drescher built a very
> similar system with 4 tracks and a footswitch for each track. You could
> probably build one from a four track reel-to-reel without too much 
> It might take some design to work in footswitches, variable loop lenghtt,
> etc..