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RE: loop subtraction

> >Mike McGary wrote:
> This brings up the interesting question of how to "bring the loop back
> down", it's easy to quickly build a formidable wall of sound, but much
> harder to elegantly thin it outS

I hate to bring up the F word but on "Let the Power Fall" (Fail, I never
remember), Fripp seems to do just what you describe.  Build a tritonal wall
of sound and then slowly return to the original layer.  Before I became
exposed to this list and the tools of the trade, I had no idea how the hell
he could do that.  Now, I assume that with the Undo feature of the EDP you
could do that very easily.  Not sure how Fripp did it back then though.  

On another topic, I just picked up the new Jeff Beck CD "Who Else" and
although I'm not sure it's true looping (whatever that is) but there are a
few tracks that sound like looping to me.  Mulitple repititive guitar and
keyboard tracks overlaid with soloing and general mayhem.  I've not been a
big fan of Beck's more recent material but read the GP review and decided 
give this a try.  It's pretty interesting,  a lot of funk along with some
quiter tracks where Beck's playing really shines.  

Also just got Buckethead's Colma CD.  That is beautiful.  Makes me realize
how poorly I implement delay in my playing.