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Re: Loopers-Delight-d Digest V99 #92

>>Are you some kind of IDEOT or what??? You go right ahead and 
>>"Highly Object" to what I said. Fact is, that little tight-holed 
>>anus-sphincker boys such as yourself have such a little mind, that 
>>you had to take offense at a statement that I made. 
>please calm down. we don't act this way here. That's what usenet is for. 
>It's a very easy thing to hold rational, intelligent debates without 
>needless personal attacks. Please keep that in mind when posting here.

or subscribe to the jungle producer mailing list.... ;)
sorry... just a joke....


>Kim Flint, MTS                     kflint@atitech.com
>ATI Research                       408-752-9284