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>> What is your soundcard with "loads of separate stereo delay lines" and 8
>> and outs?
>You can use several cards to produce more than plain stereo ins and outs
>or one of the many multiple cards on the market.

We've not really discussed multiple cards on this list, as I recall - more
like individual focuses like the Layla card (one remembered).

After a lengthy search for a card that would meet my needs for recording
without carrying the standard overinflated Music Industry price, I found
that the best sound quality, as well as the best-behaved install, was that
of the Diamond Monster MX300 board.  I'll be posting my first result of the
work done on it in the past several weeks (between consulting).

The worst, by the way, was the SoundBlaster Live! (not the Value).  Three
returns of the card into it, I gave up on their QA, and, unless one really
HAS digital recording equipment outside the PC, the extra hardware is
somewhat non-used; worst of all, the uninstall didn't remove most of the
effluvium in the registry, Autoexec, drivers, dlls, you name it.
Unfortunate, but true.


>The thing that hangs it all together is Audiomulch software - the new
>version of which, (.8b1) allows me to bring delays in and out control
>filters. mixing etc etc from my midi pedals and switches.

Which platform is Audiomulch on, again?  I forget.

Stephen Goodman * It's the Loop of the Week!
EarthLight Productions * http://www.earthlight.net