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> What is your soundcard with "loads of separate stereo delay lines" and 8 
> and outs?

You can use several cards to produce more than plain stereo ins and outs
or one of the many multiple cards on the market. 
The delay lines, loopers, filters are just free VST plugins that you get
off the net. 
The thing that hangs it all together is Audiomulch software - the new
version of which, (.8b1) allows me to bring delays in and out control
filters. mixing etc etc from my midi pedals and switches. For instance I
had 4 stereo loopers operated from midi switches with the speed
controlled by a midi pedal and direction from another pedal. It was
absolute bedlam of course but plenty of loopers seem to thrive on chaos.
Audiomulch is still at its beta stage but imo it's a phenomenal piece of
software. I can't put it down. It's this particular loopers delight :)