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RE: loop subtraction

> To me, what you're describing is a sort of "multi-track" looper.  I 
> know, for example, I could never duplicate a part accurately enough to 
> "subtract" it out.  Of course, any artifacts from the process might be 
> interesting of themselves.

Actually, the artifacts are the key to the process.  It's not a
'pure' subraction (not removing the exact sounds that were
part of the base) but a different way of building new layers.
For instance...you might play a gritty major chord into a loop....
By playing the major third in 'subtraction' mode the third is slowly
backed out of the mix (roughly)...and then playing
a minor third...the loop just changed feel.  This could be a slow
organic process...not like switching tracks on and off.

        -Mike McGary