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Re: loop subtraction

Mike McGary wrote:
> Wouldn't it be slick to have a looping device that allowed
> this?  You start a base pattern....play some parts on top of it
> and build it's thickness....and then 'subtract' out the base pattern
> by playing it again.

Interesting idea.  This is why I have two EDPs.  I use the midiclock to 
synchronize them.  I lay down the "base pattern" in one and the "frills" 
in the other.  Then I mute/stop/turn-down the "master" EDP.

To me, what you're describing is a sort of "multi-track" looper.  I 
know, for example, I could never duplicate a part accurately enough to 
"subtract" it out.  Of course, any artifacts from the process might be 
interesting of themselves.

- Dennis Leas