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Re: Cthugha program

Thanks for the information.  I'll try downloading the demo version of
Imagine and see what it looks like.  The information on the site is a bit
sparse about specifics (like what video capture boards are supported, is it
Mac or PC or both, etc.)
I still haven't been able to get the Cthuga program to work either on my
computer or my brother's.  You get a series of stills that you can sequence
with any key, but no effect with sound.  On my brother's computer there's
the additional problem that the images only fill the upper half of the
screen.  Anybody out there with personal experience with this program?  
could be happening here that I can't get it to work?  All in all so far 
program looks like a lot of the "freeware" that I've had experience with
over the years; some good fun ideas, but not quite there yet.


>At 9:08 AM -0800 3/9/99, Peter Spoecker wrote:
>>Another issue I've often wondered about is if there's any program that 
>>modify video being played from an external input into a video card?
>>Particularly cool would be sound activated color cycling.  I've done this
>>using an Amiga video toaster system in a rather complex configuration.
>>Anybody know if there's a program around that lets you use sound as a
>>modulation source for color cycling or otherwise modulating a video 
>>being displayed with a video card in a PC?
>I don't know if it will do everything you want, but Imagine allows
>programmable manipulation of live video
>Stuart Fox
>CalArts Guitar