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if you want to pick on Peavey, you'll have to get though me first

I think people really don't know much about Peavey.  If you take some
time to learn about the company and their products you will find there
are of a higher quality than those other guys, I mean come on get real
if you add up the sales of Fender and Gibson from last year you still
don't equal what Peavey did.  I don't think everyone can be making the
same mistake.

Fender is a company I really like to pick on.  They have been living on
their laurels for to damn long.  They sell this imported crap from
Mexico, Japan, and other Asian countries for way to much.  I bet over 70
percent of what they sell comes from over seas.  I hate to tell you but
guitars from mexico ain't as good as the ones from the US.  I'm
certainly not being racist here but it is the simple truth.  And the
problem is they charge you just as much.  Anybody that would pay 3 or 4
hundred dollars for a fender squire ought to have their head checked.

It is these dumb beginners that mess up.  They see these guys on TV
playing fender and gibson but what they don't realize it that these guys
are mostly playing American made vintage stuff, don't get me wrong some
of it is good stuff.  But these kids go down to their local dealer and
buy a squire "I mean stab me with a spoon" a fender squire.  Any real
player knows a fender squire don't cut it.

And try to get service from Gibson, yeah right if you ever get to a live

Peavey has got these guys beat hands down.