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Re: Obscure Looping Tool (Sony CD Player Remote)

Oooh oooh thank you! You just scared me, actually. My CD player has just
developed a skipping problem. I guess putting in soapy CD's was a bad idea.
It's probably just the laser needs realigning or some junk. I'm probably
going to take it to an independent repair place. 
It's bothersome, though. I think the only pieces of equipment that I have
that are not broken are my hands, and sometimes even they don't clap 
right! :)

thank you, I'll pay you for it


At 06:50 AM 3/15/99 -0600, you wrote:
>I used to have one of those CD players and it was my favorite CD player
>until it crapped out and Sony could never fix it (they tried four times.
>The last time I got it back and it was still not working correctly I was
>so infuriated it ended up in the cat box (long story)).
>I MAY still have one of those remote controls.  The remote ended up in
>my mom's house and after she passed away lots of stuff went away so that
>we could prepare the estate pieces for sale.
>So....I'll look around and if I can find it I'll post back.  It may have
>ended up getting thrown out, but stay tuned.