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Re[2]: [Fwd: Re: ebay]

> I think that YOU missed THEIR point. Obviously because you found a 
>guitar that
> you love on e-bay you are a fool who should have waited until one 
>appeared on 
> harmony-central, or apparently, recycler.com.

You should have orderd direct from Carvin, then dickered them down to your 
price! |:=/>

> I've heard that Peavey gear sucks unless you get it from one of those 
> sites.   =;^P

Here's the summary: Ebay sucks... Peavey sucks... Harmony Central sucks 
(relative to Recycler) Way Huge is outabiz... Lovetone's still around and 
rule the world someday... %{:?-

Here's a hint... You haven't lived until you dump this cumbersome online 
techno-crapola and gotten into your car and driven to the stores where you 
get the REAL story on the gear you're looking for! All the secret 
shortcuts and 
hints the PROS use... Out there in the real world where men are men... 
etc. The 
guys at the stores are EXPERTS at what they're selling and could save you 
a lot 
of grief after some impulse buy at an online site! Join the real world you 
geeks! 8->