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RE: Re[2]: [Fwd: Re: ebay]

>I think that YOU missed THEIR point. Obviously because you found a guitar
>that you love on e-bay you are a fool who should have waited until one
>appeared on harmony-central, or apparently, recycler.com.
>I've heard that Peavey gear sucks unless you get it from one of those
>auction sites.   =;^P

Exactly! You got your guitar, yah de yah, wohoo!, it arrived! and all that.
But >now< you've got it. What are you going to do >now?< There's only one
thing to do - it's time for the next one! OR the next one! OR the next 
Better yet! Sell the guitar for a $5 profit! Damn, I'll do anything to keep
me from actually having to write any music...

> Here's a hint... You haven't lived until you dump this
> cumbersome online
> techno-crapola and gotten into your car and driven to the
> stores where you can
> get the REAL story on the gear you're looking for! All the
> secret shortcuts and
> hints the PROS use... Out there in the real world where men
> are men... etc. The
> guys at the stores are EXPERTS at what they're selling and
> could save you a lot
> of grief after some impulse buy at an online site! Join the
> real world you
> geeks! 8->


Where is this magical place where the salespeople actually know more than
their customers about their products?