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Re: Question 1 (was other stuff)

Wordsman, Lee wrote:
> Question 1:  It's my understanding that the EDP can have up to nine 
> loops.  The time of the loops can't exceed the total time that is 
> as memory (50 seconds out of the box).  Once you've set the number of 
> that you want with their associated times, you can layer ontop of each 
> These loops can then be played all together or in any combination.  So 
> could have a verse section that included loops with voice and rythym 
> as well as chorus tracks with the same.  This could be alternated to suit
> ones needs in the context of a given song.  Not to mention layering lead
> tracks, noises, etc. on top of any of these tracks.  Is this correct.

Kim!  How about one of your famous "EDP Railroad Track Diagrams" (tm by 
Kim Flint :)?

- Dennis Leas